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Fitness should be fun!

The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT® (PGS) Ambassador Program empowers female college students to create active environments for their peers. By providing students with tools and resources, funding, direct assistance, and training, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT® is helping students get moving and successfully transition into womanhood. The focus is cultivating a community of future health leaders on college campuses and online at that students trust, setting a high standard we hope others will follow. Students are at the center of program design and activity choices. The curriculum embraces technology and the viral power that will get female students moving more. During the multi-year program, students have an opportunity to learn graphic design, social media marketing, public relations, event planning, and promotion.

We work with active college students from August 1st to April 30th each calendar year.


It is truly our privilege to be a beacon of inspiration, wisdom and advocate for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our sisters. As it expands, PGS will truly provide great mentorship and growth for young women in every walk of life.
– Syreeta (Howard University)

It is so uplifting and reassuring when I get someone to become more involved in fitness and health. Reaching out to girls my age has not only allowed me to teach and influence but change minds in reference to how important a young women's body is. This program has taught me so much about reaching out to girls my age and the power and importance of social media.
- Shayma (Hampton University)

I am truly honored to be used as a catalyst to inspire young girls to live healthy lifestyles and love themselves unconditionally in this sweat sisterhood! I believe that it is imperative for our youth to have mentors to connect with and learn from. Pretty Girls Sweat is a phenomenal program and it will continue to expand and thrive.
- Andrèa (Temple University)

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