Atlanta-Based Juice Bar Owner Chantel Jiroch Talks The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship


On episode 34 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show, Chantel Jiroch shares her inspiring journey from turning a failed business partnership into a profitable company.

Chantel Jiroch started her juice journey ten years ago after she had her daughter Lotus, who she named her business after. Chantel and her daughter Lotus began juicing on YouTube as a fun way to stay healthy and spend time together. Her popularity on the platform led to juicing for private clients and quickly turned into opening her first juice bar in 2012. Juicing is not only her career but her lifestyle. Lucky Lotus was birthed from her enthusiasm for a plant-based lifestyle as well as her love for her kids.

You can follow Chantel on Instagram at @chanteljiroch and on her business page @luckylotusjuice. Learn more about her company at


Fun fact

“I was heavily into dance growing up. I played soccer until I was 18. And I danced from the age of 10 to 18. So, it was either I was going to go to college for dance or soccer. I picked dance.”

On the biggest business lesson she’s learned

“When I had the Rawesome juice bar, I brought in a partner. When you have a business and you bring in a business partner, it is a risk. It’s really risky. You have to make a really smart decision when you do it. At the time, Lotus’ father was also part of the business from a distance. So, I brought in a business partner who was a great marketer and he was this “who’s who” guy.”

“As things in my relationship started going downhill, so did the partnerships. Everything started to fall apart. One day they were coming together to take me out because each of us had a third of the business, which is the stupidest thing you could ever do in business. If you have an idea and you own a business, make sure you own 51% of it. If you want to give partnership away, make sure you own 51% of it because I didn’t realize they could come together and have a majority vote. So, they come together and they try to take me out. I was sitting with my accountant at Waffle House and my business partner at the time hands me a paper and says this is what we’re going to offer you and buy you out. I remember my head blowing up. I was just livid and couldn’t believe that an idea that I started and somebody that I brought into it had the power of putting me out of it.”


On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her

“Sisterhood. It means to me support, fun, high-energy. It’s really a place to get together and find like-minded women that just want to be better.”  

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