Learn how Kirsten Potenza Cultivated one of the most Fun and Innovative Workouts Around!


On episode 27 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show, Kirsten Potenza stopped by to chat about her childhood, the story behind her brand, and what it's like being a young entrepreneur! 

Born and raised in a small, upstate New York town, Kirsten Potenza has made a huge name for herself! After a few years of job-hopping, Kirsten took a leap of faith and founded POUND® - Rockout. Workout. at the age of only 24. POUND® is the first and only drumming workout session that combines full-body cardio with awesome music for an experience like no other! Kirsten's decision to cultivate her workout sessions came after realizing both how uncomfortable traditional gyms could make someone feel, and how listening to amazing music could do the exact opposite. To this day, Kirsten's brand continues to empower and uplift people all over while focusing on changing their minds first and their bodies later. Want to know more about Kirsten's journey? Tune in to the podcast down below! 

You can follow Kirsten on Instagram @kirstenpotenza and her company @poundfit!

On her time as a D1 Athlete: 

"I went on to become a Division One athlete at UCLA, where I learned more on the water than I did in most of my classes. Being on a team was the way in which I grew up. Being in a team environment and understanding how to work with other people and work towards a greater goal—whether it was winning or becoming stronger or fine tuning our skills—there was so much education that happened within sports for me." 

On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her:

"When I hear PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, I think of being able to be exactly what we want and need to be as women, as leaders. That can be everything from a high school athlete, to a mom, to a CEO, or to pretty much anything. It's sad that it's taken this long but i'm glad that we're living in this era that we are now and companies like PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT exist, and young women have a space to not only feel empowered but to see that it's possible." 


Wanna meet Kirsten herself and give POUND® a shot? Then come to the 3rd Annual PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest on Saturday, September 14, 2019! Get your tickets here!


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